Great Customer Review

Here at Ace Environmental, we received a brilliant review from a happy customer this week. Check out his captivating story-telling skills!

A big shout out, compliment and bonus referral for this morning's bin lorry driver!

I had forgotten to put the bins out last night despite commenting on it three times yesterday evening. I was standing making my coffee this morning when I spied the bin lorry coming down the road. I sprinted to the front door but the bin lorry was literally passing my entrance, in vain I waved my arms and full credit to the alertness and sharp eyes on the bin lorry driver, he slowed up and stopped. Giving me time to sprint and get the bins down to the lorry. 

It's the little things that make your morning and I really appreciated the drivers willingness to help me out this morning.

Fair play.

Please pass on my thanks 

- Brendan, Email